Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tuesday: a bit of frugality

I've just been tidying the kitchen. I was about to throw away the water the carrots were boiled in (with the sprouts and broccoli above in a steamer tray above) last night (yes, I am that slatternly). I lifted the carrots out with a slatted spoon so the water was left in the pan.

Something stopped me. The water looked 'good' - you know, nutritious. So I put the pan back on the hob, added some chicken stock granules, a bit of marmite, some herbs and some red lentils and it's now boiling up to make my soup for today. Depending on the finished flavour, I might add some tomato puree, we will see in about ten minutes so I won't send this yet . . .

. . . and the result is yum yum. No need for anything else. The only slight thing is that the marmite made it more salty than I would wish (there was no added salt apart from that). I don't think it is overly salty, but I have stopped adding salt to vegetables when I cook them (and you can't when steaming, of course) so I think it's the contrast.

So that's today's lunch sorted, based on something I was just going to throw away!

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