Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday evening

I was on afternoon play duty today and my goodness it felt chilly! It's not that cold actually - the temperature was not all that bad, but there was a wind and it's so damp at the moment it feels raw. I think the children were as glad as we were to get back inside again.

I'm a bit challenged regarding the NR Challenge. There's always so many great recipes that can be used by those trying to lose weight at this time of year. following the excesses of the Festive season. Some can't be frozen so they're not much use - when you're on your own, you have to make things where the extra portion(s) can be frozen for another time. However, even without those, there's still rather too many good recipes for comfort and I will have to do some cutting out and keeping, I can see.

I have an abundance of lean steak mince at the moment: Morrisons had three packs for £10 which was just too much like great value to miss. I have chilli and I have savoury mince already in the freezer, I'll probably use some to make some more meatballs as the ones I did last summer were scrummy and have now all gone and I suspect the rest will languish in a frozen state for a few months while I decide which of the many recipes I will try!

Right - time for supper and an early night. Sleep well!

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