Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday afternoon

Well, I had fun and frolics with the mushy peas. Let them boil over didn't I, while I went to have a bath (I know, stupid thing to do) and when I came down there was mush on the cooker top and puddles dripping on the floor. I suppose the floor did need a wash and the hob is now very clean too!

I thought I'd lost more than I actually did. I decanted the lot into a clean pan (the first one was incredibly messy), added some more water and let it simmer gently with lid off until it was all soft. I then zizzed it all down into a pea puree and it's now freezing in single portion pots. Very useful.

I got three good sized gammon joints and three single helpings of sliced gammon out of the whole gammon, plus three little belly pork joints from the bigger joint that will provide meat for two days each at least. The netting cut OK so each piece is still 'contained', which will help with the boiling or roasting, I think.

Now - what's the next task?

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