Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday morning

Last night was lovely. There were seven of us and we all piled into Prezzo, in the centre of Chelmsford and were given a circular table. I love circular tables, it makes hearing the others so much easier for an old deffie like me. It was rather noisy but I managed to hear an awful lot more than I was expecting so three cheers to the new hearing aids. In fact yesterday was wonderful. Without the loud reverberations I have been getting nearly all the time, a slight headache I didn't quite realise I have had has lifted and I feel so much better.

Diane, you will be ashamed of me. I skipped a starter (and I'm glad I did, they were big) and went for one of the 'Light choices' for a main - a flatbread pizza with a salad. Boring, I know, but that's what I fancied and very nice it was too, leaving me satisfied but not stuffed. I treated myself (or rather they treated me to) to a campari and tonic, just about my fave drink along with nice chilled dry white and bubby, and then stuck to diet coke. And although I did have a slight hankering after the chicken ravioli some of the others were having, it was only slight and I thoroughly enjoyed my 'light' choice. Mind you, 'Light' is extremely comparative - they were guaranteed to be under 650 calories. That ain't light in my book, but I suppose, compared to the other choices, it was!

OK, so, what about today? I am going swimming early, before the Aqua class and when the pool starts to build up for aqua, I will get out, dry off, etc and go to Sainsburys to do my weekly shop. I did something rather silly last week. Three of my tops had some splashes of oil (bad me not wearing an apron when cooking) so I sprayed them with vanish stuff but then failed to put them straight in the wash. As a result, when they were washed, colour had come out from where they were sprayed and they are ruined. I had to chuck another one too, because it was falling off me! So I need to replace them and Sainsburys is my best bet, I reckon. It's only T shirts, so it won't be extensive and, hopefully, they will have some in.
Something else I was dead chuffed about. A couple of years ago I ordered some shoes from Hotter on a BOGOF. However, silly me, I forgot to order the EE fitting so, when they came, I couldn't actually get them on. I should have sent them straight back but I didn't get round to it for so long that it was too late and they've been languishing in the bedroom ever since.
Last night I was looking for my 'best' shoes. I don't actually have anything posh but these are shoes I don't wear for school which makes them 'best'. I couldn't find one of them but, while searching, found these two pairs of shoes that I couldn't get on. And you know what - they slid on as easily as the glass slipper onto Cinderella's foot. Boy, was I pleased!! I don't have a Marcos attitude to shoes in the least but even I was thinking that I ought to have a few more pairs. Now I do! I just have to find that missing shoe.

Oh, well, better go and make my scrambled eggs, pack my swimming bag and unload the dishwasher!

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