Monday 3 January 2011

Monday: New Year bank holiday

. . . to add to all the other holidays we've had over the last few weeks! If it wasn't for today, I'd be at school by now; as it is, it's been delayed until tomorrow. What with snow days, Christmas specials and the Christmas break, it seems an awful long time ago since we were actually getting stuck into things at school and I feel a bit out of the loop. It won't take long, it's just an odd sort of feeling at the moment.

I did manage to get loads and loads of washing and ironing done over the weekend. There's still some ironing remaining. I'm trying very hard not to use the tumble dryer too much so most of my clothes get hung up to dry and that can take some time. Most of the sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases got sorted though and they took up a huge proportion of the whole task. Today I will do the rest which will keep me in clothes for enough time to give me a breather!

I thought I had dealt with all the leftovers but, in a corner of the fridge this morning, I found an opened packet of chestnuts, the vacuum packed ones. I suppose I could have looked for the first recipe in my N R C but I couldn't be bothered. Instead I zizzed them up with some quark, salt and smoked paprika and it made a rather nice spread, sweet in a savoury sort of way, which I have divided into six little portions for lunches, to be spread on crackers or crispbreads. In the freezer they go!

I had a bit of fun yesterday trying to crochet egg cosies. That might sound silly but when I have boiled egg, I usually have two. While I'm eating the first one, the second one starts to get cold. I knitted a little cosy a while ago, but fancied a choice (yes, I know, daft really). This led on to experimenting with crocheting a little flower to go on as a decoration and I ended up looking on Google for some patterns, of which there are many! Now, I'm no crochet expert but these little flowers are quite easy so I'm going to keep investigating and when I get my cosy completed (if I ever do), I'll take a photo! Bet you can't wait!

For the rest of the day I have school work to do, bits and bobs to finish off and a last day to enjoy. I hope it's a good one - for us all.

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