Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday morning

And yet another start to a new week. These weeks do seem to come around so very quickly nowadays. I wonder why - surely it can't be anything to do with getting older. No, of course not!!

It was a good weekend. Having DG round was lovely and plucking up the courage to start swimming again gave me a real buzz. Silly as it sounds, I was terribly nervous about going again, goodness knows why. For two pins I wouldn't have gone, which would have been a great shame. Now I have started again, I must keep it up!

Today is, I hope, going to be an ordinary day, only made special by the little delights that always occur when you get a lot of five year olds together. Small chuckles and giggles, heard, enjoyed and then, usually, forgotten as soon as the next child speaks. It's violins today: mine missed their lesson last week as the violin teacher was late, stuck in traffic, and one class had to miss their lesson as a result. Better make sure I take the ear plugs! It's the first lesson for four weeks so it should be 'interesting'. Mind you, some of them are really enjoying themselves and one little lad had a violin for Christmas which can't be bad!

An ordinary day. Hope it's a good one.

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