Thursday 14 September 2023

Thursday, 14-09-23

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to my blog.  The weather really has changed or at least the temperature has.  Yesterday was a bit cloudy with a very few drops of rain (blink and you'd miss it) but I got two loads of washing line dried and there was a warmer spell in the afternoon.  It is so nice to be able to snuggle under the duvet overnight again.
Today looks very promising with quite a lot of sun but not too hot.  My kind of day.  

I popped over to Lathcoats yesterday morning - my goodness, the difference in traffic now the schools are open again.  I decided to go through town for once, rather than round.  That was a mistake!
The apple table was set up and I had an enjoyable few minutes tasting and choosing.  I'm now well stocked up with apples of different kinds.  I love apples.

To my delight, they had bags of rye flour in again.  They used to but I've been looking recently without any success.  I want to have a go at making rye bread but until yesterday the only flour I could find locally was white (or is it 'light'?) rye which I didn't want.
Now I can find some recipes and have a go.  Something to look forward to over the weekend.  Anyone have any good rye bread recipes, please?  I've got Paul Hollywood's and his are usually pretty reliable.

Not only did I get two loads of washing done and dried, it's also ironed and ready to put away after airing overnight (the second load was just slightly damp).

Today, Chris is coming over for our weekly chat and she's bringing me a few apples from her mum's tree - cooking apples, but they are quite sweet for cookers.  Apple pancakes after weigh in tomorrow, I think.  Delicious!

Then I really MUST get the online safeguarding stuff done before Heather (clerk to the governing body) starts chasing me up about it.  I've put it in the diary for today so fingers crossed.  The trouble is, there are so many other pleasant things to do!  For example, the yarn I ordered for Bertie's present might come today and, if it does, I know that will be calling to me.
However, I have the whole of the rest of the day so it should all get done.  Wish me luck!

Have a great day, everyone.  xx


  1. I got the washing in when it rained , but the rain only lasted a couple of minutes - annoying when it does that - luckily the washing was almost dry.
    Hope you get the boring things done so you can enjoy all the rest of the day

    1. That's so frustrating, I agree. Mum used to call it washing line hokey cokey - on, out, in out!

      They have to be done, don't they, those less exciting things? xx

  2. Get the dull things done, then you've earned your leisure.

  3. Dove Farm have a great website and do a number of rye bread options just put rye bread in the search box. They also have a lot of bread making hints and tips. x

    1. The kind I got was Dove. They are good, I agree. But I didn't think of ordering online. Doh!! Thanks. xx