Sunday 19 February 2023

Sunday, 19-02-23

 Good morning - happy Sunday, everyone.  It's mild outside and we're expected to have a sunny day; we had sun yesterday afternoon and inside was toasty warm, thanks to the sun through the windows.  Beautiful.

Yesterday was a day of two halves.  The morning was a restful time while I waited for the slightly muggy head to clear before having a bath (lovely soft water again!) and getting the usual daily chores, etc, done in the afternoon.  I had my garden joy, wearing the right shows this time and they certainly made a difference.  Nice and supportive but flexible and springy.  I'm glad I bought them now.
I used some YouTube music, I have no idea what but it was rhythmic and steady at 140 bpm and seemed to work for me.  I'm a bit surprised to find that already the minutes of jogging are getting easier.

I suppose the next step (ouch) is to get out of the back gate and run around the garage block, up to the road and back to the house - a slightly longer circuit with long straight sections rather than continual turns.  I need to apply confidence.

But today - back garden.

Apart from that, there's nothing in the diary and, given that it looks like a fine day, perhaps I might start the shed.  Stranger things have happened, after all.
I've a couple of little trips planned, one to Hyde Hall and one to Marks Hall Arboretum.  Both are garden-y sort of places, neither takes for ever to get to and the bulbs should be starting to look good.  There's other winter planting too, of course.

For now, time for another coffee and a nice shower and hair wash.  Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.  xx


  1. The right footwear makes such a difference. Glad you've got soft water again - that makes such a difference too
    Alison in Wales

    1. I think they did help quite a lot. I'm glad I realised my mistake.
      And the water is just lovely. xx

  2. Well done on your new fitness regime, Joy! I'm sure it will pay off big time. Please send some sun my way - it's overcast and quite windy here, not a day for being outside.

    1. Maybe it has headed your way because it's pretty gloomy here today (Monday).
      I'm hoping it doesn't rain. xx

  3. Hope that your Sunday was as lovely as you deserve.

    God bless.

    1. < grin > Well, I'm not sure what I deserve but it was, indeed, a very pleasant day, thank you. I hope yours was too. xx