Saturday 18 February 2023

Saturday, 18-02-23

 Good morning, everyone.  I'm feeling decidedly morning-after-the-night-before-ish right now, totally self inflicted so no whinging!!  A second coffee is helping considerably!   :-)

Yesterday was a lovely day.

Matt turned up ten minutes early, bless him, so I was able to see him started and then whizz off to Slimming World and not be late.  I had a loss so was very happy with that.

When I got home, Matt was hard at it.  The new water softener required a bit of re-plumbing but is now all in and working and, Matt said, the water should all be soft now.  It obviously works a lot more efficiently than the old one - I suppose, twenty years further on, that's only to be expected really.  

The cleaners came earlier than usual, as promised, and that gave me a nice clear run to finish off the curries, etc.  I have no need to worry about any no-gall-bladder repercussions as I made them myself and know they are all low in fat/oil so it's just the wine-induced muggy head and that will go soon enough with plenty of water to rehydrate me.  It was really lovely to see Dave and Anna again and catch up on all their news.

Today is an easy day, I think.  Everything is cleared up from last night so this morning I will sit and knit, catch up on sundry telly things and generally take it easy.  This afternoon, I will do the garden jog and a Lindsey class.  Thank you all very much for your advice and info regarding music to run to.  I will explore Prime music and I have discovered a corner of YouTube that has running playlists at various speeds and I think I've found one to suit me.   Also, Slimming World does some podcasts that I keep meaning to start listening to.  I've checked and when the C25K podcast says something (like 'time to start running again - go')  the music fades so I can hear it.
For those who don't know, I have hearing aids and the phone connect directly to them via a Bluetooth connection which is very clever and extremely helpful.  I was a bit concerned as to how two sources of music would work but it looks as if it's OK.

I did have a laugh at myself yesterday.  The first day I did a C25K garden jog (Wednesday, I think) I wore my running shoes which I bought in a misguided moment a few years ago.  I didn't enjoy running ion them, they felt very heavy and clunks, so on Thursday I used my trainers that I do my workouts in.
Yesterday, I tidied up some shoes and what did I find?  My running shoes.  What I had tried to run in were my Hotter walking shoes!  Small wonder they didn't work!  It just shows how little I use both pairs, doesn't it, something I must remedy!

Anyway - enough rambling.  I need to do my Facebook duties and then I will chill with Kindle, TV and knitting.  Have a lovely day, everyone.  Are you taking it easy like me or are you busy with anything?

Take care and be happy!  xx


  1. Sorry to hear about your muggy head this morning but I am sure that the time spent with Dave and Anna was worth it. I hope that the head will clear quickly too.

    Today I plan to sort out my trainers as when I went for a walk yesterday my feet were really quite hot in my walking boots! This afternoon will be spent very much like you with 'me time' - watching TV and sewing, as yesterday I managed to get the bed changed and all the washing done. It dried so well in the wind and sunshine - the first time this year! All signs of better weather to come!
    Suze x

    1. It really was, Suze, I had a lovely evening and I hope they did too.
      Well done for making the most of the better weather. Sheets are so much nicer for being dried outside, aren't they? Fresher. xx

  2. It sounds like a good evening was had by all. The muggy head is a small price to pay for good company and a smidge too much wine. I hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. A very small price and they never last long, do they? Thanks, Sue - you too. xx

  3. Glad you had a nice evening even though there was a small price to pay :) I've had one of those flat days - no good reason - weather is set to be better tomorrow, that will probably help.
    Alison in Wales x

    1. They come at times, don't they? Here's to nicer weather and a brightening mood for you. xx