Sunday 11 July 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining and the windows are open.  It's not baking hot or anything but the air is lively and fresh, not humid as it has been, so lets make the most of it.  A little lamb joint is slow roasting and everything feels Sunday-ish because of that.

I had a 'moment' yesterday.
I was searching through the freezer to find a pot of frozen lamb stock when I came across a container labelled 'turkey stock and meat for Dad's hotpot' and my heart gave a painful squeeze.
After Christmas, Mum always made what she called a hotpot - it wasn't really, it was more a glorified stew/soup - from the leftover meat and stock from the carcass and Dad always declared that it was the best meal of the season, if not the year.  He loved Mum's hotpot.
When Mum stopped doing Christmasses and I took over, I did the same thing and a week or a fortnight after Christmas I would go over for a weekend with a nice bug container of post turkey hotpot.  The last two Christmasses Dad stayed home for Christmas but the tradition carried on.  This Christmas I couldn't get over because of tier whatever-it-was and then lockdown, so the turkey and stock remained in the freezer, intending for some time in a wet summer spell.  But he never got it.
Another little family tradition hitting the dust.  Oh, well.

Yesterday was so exciting, I can't even remember what I did.  The sign of a lazy day.  Today looks like being the same.  I will look over my planning for tuition tomorrow but that's about it really.

I hope you have sunshine too - it is really cheering.  xx


  1. Huge (((hug))), it's the wee things that catch you off guard. Still make the hotpot each year and remember your mum and dad in a new tradition xxx

  2. It is the little things that get us sometimes - the things that are special to a family. So sorry your dad did not get his last hotpot due to the coronavirus - it has a lot to answer for in many more ways than just the illness, it has robbed us of very special moments that we might never be able to experience again. Sending lots of hugs Joy. xxx

  3. {{hugs}}

    It's the little things that catch us unawares but life is made special by all those little things so why not keep the tradition going and share the hotpot meal with Alex from now on xx

  4. Ah, yes. Those small, often jarring, triggers. Mine is always music. At my Dad's funeral, two young women played Ave Maria (his favorite) on their violins. It was exquisite. But now, even though it is almost 40 years later, I still can't hear that piece of music without it stopping me in my tracks. x

  5. Dear Joy, I am sure you will have more moments like this through the coming years. Try and be happy for the unexpected memories that pop up because, they are happy memories of your mom and dad and what the both of them meant to you. Hugs!

  6. My Dad always said my Mom's turkey stew was the best of the Christmas turkey meals too. Thinking of you Joy. X

  7. It's often those little reminders which catch us unawares. Perhaps you could continue the tradition for your family, but in a slightly different way. X

  8. Thanks, everyone. It's going top be like that from time to time, isn't it?