Friday 16 July 2021

Friday and fruity in the garden

 Good morning.  It's a bright start to the day but no sun, not yet.  Let's hope it comes out, unlike yesterday when morning and evening sunshine sandwiched a rather dull main part of the day with the occasions bit of sunshine.  

I took a few photos of garden fruit.

The blueberries arte starting to live up to their name.  To think I was going to chuck the plant away last year after a very poor showing until one of the Sues told me they can take a while to get going.  I'm grateful for that wise advice.
This is supposed to be Autumn fruiting.  The name even has 'Autumn' in it.  I know the weather's been a bit confusing but even so . . .
Looks nice, doesn't it?
And here's the fruit on the columnar tree, Flamenco.  It's doing really well and looking very healthy.  The fruit might be quite big, given that there's a couple of months to go still.
The strawberries haven't been great this year but for most of the plants it is their first year.  Next year they should do much better and the year after that . . . wow!

Tomatoes are officially classed as fruit, aren't they?  The first of hundreds, I hope.

I am umming and ahing about strawberry picking down at Lathcoats farm this afternoon.  One has to book, once can't just turn up, so I must decide soon.

Sadly, Chris and I didn't get our chat yesterday as she needed an appointment with her GP.  We've rescheduled for today, when I get back from Slimming World.

I spent another couple of hours down the allotment and it's now looking respectable again.  The weed clearing has been very superficial; usually I would fork it over and then remove all the weeds and roots by hand but I'm being more than a little careful at the moment.  Nonetheless, it is very much better now and I'm not ashamed of it any more.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it but when Jeff and I turned up on Tuesday, it was obvious that someone had given the main patch of grass a bit of a haircut when compared to the side - it was long, yes, but only half the length of the side.  The nice man next plot along was there today and I asked him if it was him and he said yes, it was.  That was so kind of him and I expressed my appreciation effectively, I hope.  What a nice thing to do.

I'm not sure if I will go down today or not.  Another mow would be a Good Thing and, with the grass being shorter and dryer and my calves being stronger and less prone to 'twinging' painfully now and again, it's definitely a possibility.  
I have to decide if I can do Slimming World, chat with Chris, Lathcoats and allotment - do I have the time?  Do I even want to?  I must ponder!
In the meanwhile, a coffee is in order so I will close this and seek my first caffeine of the day.
Stay safe and have a lovely day.
J x


  1. You will be busy if you decide to fit everything into your day. Take care

    1. The decision was made for me. Lathcoats is closed today to 'replenish stocks' - i.e. so more fruit can ripen. Maybe tomorrow.
      You take care too. xx

  2. That was very thoughtful of your allotment neighbour. Some people are so kind aren't they?

    It sounds like you have a good day planned whatever combination of things you end up doing. Have fun!

    1. It was lovely of him. He's a nice chap.

  3. Coffee first and then ease into the day. No point in overdoing things!

  4. So much produce! All your hard work at the allotment is paying off again. X