Tuesday 7 November 2017


This morning I got out of bed and burped.  Sat on the loo and burped.  Got up again and guess what . . .  Thankfully they are not the Purple Ronnie kind and aren't uncomfortable!

Morning, everyone.  It doesn't seem to be quite so cold this morning from this side of the glass - no frost.  I've still turned up the heating, being a self indulgent so and so and not really into self flagellation of any kind whatsoever now I am retired!

Yesterday I took a good look at my recipe book, the ones that had survived the cut earlier in the year, and found three.  One is pretty useless and will probably make a trip to the charity shop.  The other two are more promising.  One is a Readers Digest tome called Low Fat: No Fat and the other is the definitive Rosemary Conley Low Fat Cookbook.  Both seem sensible and adaptable after a quick flick through so I will give them closer attention.
(I love having something to read)

They look as if they will be of help although it's quite funny to read all the somewhat didactic advice in the intro and realise how much nutritional thinking has changed in the last twenty or thirty years.

Yesterday went OK with just one ouchy session.  I baked bread as I'm nearly out now and, on a whim, decided to go all Ma Ingalls and broke off a little bit of dough to make a starter for next time.  It'll probably not work but it's like making yogurt - I love the ongoing idea of making a new thing from an old thing so am giving it a go.

I managed the no fat cooking although there's an indefinable flavour and texture missing.  Oh, well, one can get used to anything and the carrot and lentil soup certainly was tasty and filling.

Another lazy day is planned today.  Two huge books to investigate and I really ought to resume knitting.  I've got all behind again . . .

Rachel - you really did go through the wars, didn't you!  Blimey!
I'm thankful it was eventually dealt with and that you are fine again now but it can't have been much fun for you.

Well, it's time to exercise my culinary skills with beans on toast (no butter) after which maybe it will all turn a bit more Purple Ronnie.  I'll be glad when my 'system' sorts itself out again!



  1. Hope your internal combustion sorts itself out soon and I like you and going to lurk in the kitchen and then in a book.

  2. We really do know how to live it up, don't we, Diane! ;-)
    J x

  3. I've been offline for a few days so I've only just caught up with the saga. What a horrible time you've been having, I do hope it settles down soon. I'm sure you'll adapt to the low fat food quite soon. I've found the Rosemary Conley approach and recipes useful in the past. In fact now you've reminded me I can't remember why I stopped. Feel better soon xxx

  4. I think it is settling down quite significantly now, thanks, Chrissie. There's still about four days of antibiotics to go which is very reassuring.
    I've always been a Rosemary fan anyway and, so far, have enjoyed what I've made.
    Looking forward to catching up with you via your blog soon.
    J x

  5. Joy, I can only urge you to look upPinch of Nom on the Internet. Typically they are writing SWrecipes so some things might seem a bit bizarre to you... but they are mostly fat free or v low fat and are AMAZING. IVE MADE LOADS! Honest, go see. The main meal ideas are so inventive and tasty. You do not miss the fat or that certain something at all x