Wednesday 8 November 2017


Good morning, everyone.  My system is much more socially inclined again this morning after a number of grumbles and protests yesterday!  Things are well on the way to what passes for normality in my home and today I am off to make an appt with a GP.  Given that I haven't been there for over a decade, they'll have brush the cobwebs off the records!

Then I hope to do a bit of food shopping.  I have a list which contains such delights as 'extra lean mince' and 'low fat cottage cheese'. I might not bother with some of the items and just do without.  I'm more impressed with the fruit and veg list as it's been nearly a fortnight and I'm out of basics like carrots.

Yesterday was lovely and easy but boring to write about so I won't.  I think that's how this week is going to be really - pleasant but boring!

And on that note, I shall sign off and make my first boring coffee of the day.   :-)


  1. You are sounding a bit like me we go from boring to trauma and back again

  2. Up and down like a yoyo, isn't it? Hope your life settles back again soon.
    J x

  3. I can remember feeling dismayed by the process of changing my diet when I was diagnosed as Coeliac.
    The bonus was that I felt so much better that it was no hardship sticking to it once I was established.
    The biggest difficulty I have now is persuading people to eat normally and not to go without puddings
    and cakes 'cause I can't have them.
    I hope you'll feel much better soon.
    I think that you will see it as a challenge to be sorted out!

  4. Hi, Sue. Yes, you are exactly right - dismay, yes, but also a challenge and a sort of journey as well - what exactly can I have and not have to keep myself comfortable?
    I'm very glad you were able to change things so that you felt so much better.
    J x

  5. Even before the gall bladder and even before the dieting, my go to cottage cheese was and is Longley Farm fat free. It's delicious and tangy and tasty. If you can, do! Once your gb has gone, you'll be able to eat what you like. That's what the surgeon told me so I did! Ans found, to my waistline's dismay, I could!

  6. I have some of that in my fridge - it looked 'nice'. I read somewhere that you can zizz it and use it on top of mince as a sort of lasagne. I thought I'd give it a go anyway!
    Thanks for the link - I've found the web site too. So many recipes!
    J x