Wednesday 29 November 2017


Good morning!
It's dark, cold and cloudy.  No frost but it doesn't half feel nippy and my heating is working well.

Well, yesterday was a day of changes.
I started by popping off to Sainsbury's.  I had a list but decided to get any Christmas stuff I saw too, to save having to get it later.  I got sausages and bacon for the pigs in blankets, some vegetarian stuffing and . . . these -

- and very warm and cosy they are too.  I love sock-slippers

While I was in the shop the car was washed, waxed and polished.  I treat myself to this now and again and it always looks good afterwards.  The rest of the time the dust protects the paintwork!

Once home, I had a message from Beth to say she was poorly so wouldn't be coming over for dinner which was disappointing.  I'd already made half of the meal so that's heading for the freezer if I don't have it today.  I hope she's feeling a bit better today.

I put on some some bread (well, dough at this point), put the shopping away and settled down to do my planning.  It went very smoothly as I have the habit of making jottings on the planning sheet through the session so I know what needs working on next, clarifying or developing.

A bit later, along came my mathematical pupil and we had a great session, learning about long multiplication and division.  I love it when their eyes shine and they get all excited and when they said 'I don't want this lesson to end', I knew it was a hit!

Fortunately, I checked my emails before I left for the next session because my next pupil was unwell so the session was cancelled.  Never mind, these things happen, don't they?

So, several changes one way and another but it was a good day.  Today is housework and more planning plus a bit of ironing.  I shall make the pigs in blankets and get them into the freezer and the fridge could do with a tidy up.  I only have to go out twice - once to collect a prescription and once for tuition.

I'd better get going then!  Have a good day.


  1. Indeed they are. Just the ticket in this perishingly cold weather! Nice and seasonal too!
    J x

  2. I don't like the cold at all so put off going out as much as possible! Your new slipper socks look very cosy indeed.

  3. Same here really. I wish I loved a brisk walk in the bracing cold but I don't! :-)
    J x