Tuesday 21 November 2017


Good morning, everyone. 

Yesterday was very busy but a lovely day.

The journey home was good.  A bit slow at times but rarely at a stop and there were no hassles.  As soon as I got home I set to making the dinner so that by the time Alex arrived it was all on and doing.  I had a lovely time chatting to him - he seems very happy at uni, is getting good grades and thoroughly enjoying his studies.  Dinner was nice but the roastie was a mistake.  The evening was uncomfortable and there's still some twinges now as I type.  A lesson learned, I think: mustn't get too complacent.

After seeing Alex off, I whizzed off for tuition and then relaxed for the evening (starting to feel sore, unfortunately) and, after weeks with very little I want to watch, found that there was actually a clash of programmes so thank goodness for iPlayer.

Did you watch the programme about the Queen and Prince Philip?  I enjoyed it in a very light sort of way but it was ridiculously superficial and 'reverential' and told us nothing.  I guess we are used to documentaries that are a little more informative and analytical nowadays and this was neither.

I got the annual letter yesterday, informing me of the winter fuel payment which I had forgotten about.  Very nice too and I look forward to it arriving in the next few weeks.  Another advantage of getting old(er).

Today is hair day - well, hair evening anyway.  Now that Beth has a job, we've had to change the time to evenings so the lovely Sharon will be arriving here at six, ready to work her usual magic.  Can't wait - I always feel better afterwards.

I'd better get going; it is past six o'clock and things won't do themselves.  Have a good day.  I gather it is going to get more chilly again through this week so stay warm and cosy.


  1. So sorry about the roastie.
    It seems very unfair. I sometimes eat something by mistake that has gluten in it.
    I get to the point where I can't be bothered to go out for meals.
    One consolation for you though. Often when gall bladders have been removed
    people go back to eating quite normally.
    My father was unstoppable when his had gone!
    I'm so pleased that Alex is happy and doing so well.
    I'm sure you and Beth must be very proud of him.

  2. It's been a harsh reminder not to take things for granted! It's still a bit uncomfortable but I was very 'good' yesterday so it should clear soon.
    Yes, we are both really proud of Alex. It's a lovely feeling, thank you.
    J x