Monday 6 November 2017


Good morning, everyone.  We have a frost!  Quite a heavy one, judging by the car roofs and bonnets.  What a change over the past week, eh?  The heating is on, the winter dressing gown is on and I need to get some more slippers as my old ones are rather past it now.

It's been an interesting week.  I started feeling quite poorly over Tuesday night last week, continued feeling rotten through Wednesday and finally, over Wednesday night/Thursday morning, gave in and dialled 111 for advice and the rest, as the saying goes, was history!

The 111 ended up with paramedics and a short drive to Broomfield hospital with severe chest and back pains (me, not them!).  I came home yesterday afternoon.

Thankfully, very thankfully, it wasn't heart, it was 'just' a misbehaving gallbladder and this was confirmed when various tests showed no heart issues: but blood pressure was sky high, cholesterol isn't great and I had some blood thinning injections because the blood they took kept clotting too fast (or something) so there are issues there too which need sorting. 
Blood tests and being poked in various places accompanied by me going 'ooooh, ouch' from time to time confirmed internal inflammation and I had intravenous antibiotics, now changed to oral ones because I'm home.
It's been all go!

Anyway, I'm home, hardly fit and well but an awful lot better than I was, with strict instructions to rest, to take the abs and blood pressure tablets and to get to know my GP asap!  I haven't troubled them very much over my lifetime so far so maybe there's some catching up to do.

Oh, it was wonderful to fall into my own bed again last night.  Those hospital beds are surprisingly comfortable and supportive but the non-fitted sheets slipped about an awful lot and the pillow cases kept sliding off the pillows!  Last night, on went the electric blanket and I drifted off in peace and quiet and darkness.  Bliss.

I know I have minimal experience of hospital but I have to say everyone was wonderful, starting with the caring and reassuring chap at the other end of the 111 line, continuing with the paramedics, moving into the A&E staff and then everyone, without exception, on the ward.  All lovely, all gentle and kind, all very, very efficient, caring and reassuring, making a bad experience a lot less traumatic.  There were some very poorly patients there and they were hard worked at times, but I never saw anything less than complete respect and dignity.  I can't praise them high enough.

On to today.  I've been told to take things very easy until I have finished the course of antibiotics.  Any excuse, eh?  So this week is go-slow week.  Everything is cancelled, the heating is on, the rubbish daytime telly will be scrutinised and I shall be researching food plans via Google.  Diane will know much more than I but I gather minimal fat and lots of plant based food is the way to go, even after I have had the offending organ removed.  Is that on the right track?  Well, I love a food challenge and don't mind a bit (only a bit, mind, last week was wa-a-a-y too much) of discomfort while I find out what's going to work (and not work) for me while losing some weight can only be a good thing, especially with an operation on the horizon.

Coffee, thank goodness, is fine.  Caffeine might even help (I read) so maybe I will need to re-think the decaff thing. 
Time for another one then!


  1. Oh wow Joy, bang wallop, that's quite a humdinger you went through and us in blissful ignorance.

    I did wonder whether you were ok but put your absence down to IT/lurgy/busy, never envisaged that you'd end up in hospital! Glad to hear that matters seem to be under control and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery! xx

  2. Oh Joy, you poor thing. Happy to hear that you have a speedy diagnosis and are well enough to return home ... I always feel that nothing helps more than being able to sleep in my own bed. Make sure you pamper yourself x

  3. Thank you both. Today is going fine and it's just so good to be home again. No place like it, is there? I'm starting to read through my old 'low fat cookery' books to get some ideas. Any excuse to sit and read, eh?
    J xxx

  4. A relief to see you back online, take good care of yourself


  5. Thanks, Suzie. I really did miss blogging.
    J x

  6. Dear Joy, it was lovely to see your message yesterday, I was worried. It is strange how attached we become to someone
    reading their blog everyday and knowing that if there is no entry for a couple of days - something must be wrong.

    I really hope you are feeling much better soon and look forward to hearing about your research into low fat etc., eating plan.

    Kindest regards, Rosemaryxx

  7. How very kind of you, Rosemary, thanks you. I do know what you mean: you feel you know the writer, despite never having met them face to face.
    J x

  8. Oh dear! Take care of yourself.

  9. Oh my goodness Joy, I've missed all of this! If you read my blog from June 2011 two weeks after I turned 40 there are a few posts about me and my gallbladder. A quick google search will tell you the best foods to eat and what to avoid for gallbladder problems. Different things set people off though, mine was banana and toast. My nanna found it was lettuce! I can now eat anything after I had mine removed and it was the best thing I ever did!
    Get well soon lovely and look after yourself xxx

  10. The story starts proper on July 3rd 2011. And then it's just here and there. I have just re read it all and can't believe how actually poorly I was and how poorly little Harry was. I do warn you though, I was a bit more sweary in my posts back then! Oops!

  11. Rachel, I will go right over and have a good read. First hand experience is always the most helpful - thanks very much. Your poor nanna: lettuce??? Bless her.
    Thanks, Liz. I'm being proper selfish right now but I'm sure it'll get boring after a while. :-)
    J x