Wednesday 22 November 2017


Morning, everyone.  How are things?  It's dark out there but nothing dramatic seems to be happening.  No rain, no frost, no wind, not even all that chilly.

I got a pleasant surprise when I checked by banking online.  The winter fuel payment had arrived and I only received notification of it on Monday!  I shall tuck it away, ready to use it when/if I have to pay extra on my heating bill at some point.

As expected, Sharon was round and now I feel much less tatty on top!  It wasn't looking all that bad as she does a good cut that continues to hold its shape, but it was a bit 'in the way' and it always feels great once she's worked her magic.

While she was round, Beth told me some good news.  It appears that Alex has been awarded one last 'prize' by his former school.  We don't know what it is for but assume it will be for endeavour, academic progress/achievement or something of that kind.  Isn't that great?

Today I have to get going pretty pronto as my new reclining chair is being delivered between half eight and half ten.  I haven't got rid of the old one yet as medical 'stuff' got in the way, but I have a large room so it can sit in a corner until I do.
Very exciting!

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