Thursday 23 November 2017


You know, I really don't get this 'Black Friday malarkey.  OK, so if there's something you know you need, you've priced it out and are waiting to see if there's a deal, then I can see the point, but how often does that happen?  The number of messages I've seen on Facebook this week that, in essence, say 'I've seen this and it says that it's £x cheaper so suddenly I discover that I HAVE to have it because I'm saving a fortune . . .
Does that make sense to you?  It doesn't to me.

After that mini rant, good morning, everyone.  I'm happy today because my teacher's pension is in today and I am NOT going to spend any of it on things that I suddenly discover I need.  😇

Yesterday the new recliner chair arrived and it is lovely.  Comfortable, easy to recline and after all that colour matching, it goes beautifully with everything else and doesn't seem to dominate the room like the old one did.  I'm so pleased.  At the moment it is right next to the radiator so that I get best benefit from the warmth and I was so comfortable yesterday evening.  It's definitely something I can go to sleep in!

I've decided I won't get rid of the old chair yet.  Christmas is coming up and I will have nine here for part of Christmas Day so it will provide a comfortable chair for one more guest.  I have quite a large living/dining room so it's in a corner by the stairs, not getting in anyone's way at the moment.

On Tuesday afternoon, after much thought, I wrote an email standing down from something local that I should never have got involved in to start with.  Not because there's anything wrong with it but because I was way out of my depth, unable to play any part and it was making me unhappy and worried.  I was thankful to receive an answer yesterday that said they completely understood and not to worry.  Such a relief.  I think sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and admit that you made a mistake, don't you?  For your own well-being.

On to today, another busy day with plenty to keep me out of trouble.  At the moment I have a large pot of butter beans cooking after soaking them for twenty four hours.  I have to remember to keep stirring them as I've found butter beans have a tendency to stick and singe if you don't.  Once they're done, they will go into the freezer to open freeze before bagging so I can take out what I need.  I will save the butter beany cooking liquid to use in soups as we are definitely entering soup season now.

Time to get going, I think.  I do hope all my readers are safe after what seems to have been a rough old twenty four hours, weather wise.  Take care.


  1. Good for you on writing that e-mail. It must be a weight off your shoulders.
    Following on from my blog post, the weather here has been awful with much localised flooding. X

  2. It really was, thanks.
    I'm sorry the weather has been so bad. It doesn't seem to have hit hard here, but it doesn't usually: this seems to be a sheltered part of the country. Are you OK?
    J x

  3. A member of my own family gave up a voluntary post last January and it was a weight off ALL our shoulders. Take care, Tracy X

  4. I stood down as the Medway towns compost advisor when they brought in a chap to oversee things. Within ten minutes of meeting him, I knew the time would come when I would have to punch his lights out so I resigned what a relief and saved me from a prison sentence. LOL

  5. LOL - thank you, Tracy and Diane, that's very comforting.
    J x