Thursday 9 November 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's a dull start to the day here but maybe the sun will break through later.  That would be nice.

Yesterday, I went shopping but didn't get to the GPs.  Maybe today or, if not today, tomorrow will do.  I was a bit zonked when I got home but didn't have a sleep which I was pleased about.  While there, I invested in some low/no fat stuff.  Cottage cheese, yogurt, etc, that sort of stuff.  That, with my habit of slight stockpiling, means I'm well set up for a number of days now apart from milk.  They didn't have any small cartons of skimmed milk and I'd never get through the bigger ones.

I treated myself to some 0% fat Greek yogurt.  Yes, I know that is a contradiction in terms but it's nice and thick and behaves a bit like softly whipped cream.  I can use the last bits to make my own again which won't be thick, not made with skimmed milk, but never mind, I can let it drain for a while, maybe.

I've found several likely looking recipe and, with the link Rachel sent me - many thanks, I am sure I can concoct a tasty and varied diet that will work for me.

Today I have soaked chickpeas to cook and I'm going to try the sourdough starter I concocted from a bit of the previous dough in a loaf.  The main problem is that I don't know how much to use and none of the recipes say; it's all too if, but or maybe and it really does my head in!  Maybe it doesn't matter really, maybe it's the feel of the dough.  I'll give it a go again and see.

Apart from that, I really must sort out my messy house.  There's piles of bits and bobs everywhere and it is getting me down.  Maybe half an hour of fun, ten minutes of tidying, half an hour of fun, then . . .
We will see . . .

Have a good day!

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