Monday 13 November 2017


Good morning and welcome to a new week.  It's jolly nippy out there although no frost as far as I can tell, not yet anyway,

Yesterday I finished searching through my three low/no fat cookery books and now have a whole selection of likely looking recipes to consider trying.  I eliminated all the ones that required me to get obscure ingredients (there were quite a lot) or expensive ingredients or too many ingredients or which  would take too long or which I just didn't fancy and I have marked the rest with bits of post-its.  There's plenty of variety there, for sure.

In the afternoon Beth came round and it was lovely chatting to her about stuff.  Now she is working, I see a whole lot less of her and I miss her quite a lot but she's loving her job, which is great.  Alex seems to have settled at uni too.

Today I shall be hammering on the door of the surgery.  It been so long since I needed an appointment that I totally forgot on Friday that if you don't phone at eight, you don't stand a chance unless you have registered for online booking, which I haven't - yet.  Well, with my hearing I have huge problems with phones so I shall go down, thanking my lucky stars that I am an early riser, so fingers crossed.  I'm nervous (I always was where medical GP stuff was concerned, no idea why) which isn't going to do my BP any good but, dear me, it has to be done so it's teeth gritting time.

Once I have recovered from that, I will sort out my tuition and then potter in the kitchen, I think.  My idea of using a bit of the dough to create a starter has worked in that it's produced a new loaf but I'm not sure I like the loaf!  It's come out a bit doughy and very heavy but perhaps it wasn't risen enough or baked long enough so I will persist a few more times and see.

I'd better stop now and get on with other stuff that always needs doing early morning.  Have a great day and stay warm.


  1. Good luck with the doctor I too avoid them like the plague.

  2. Hope the visit to the surgery went better than you anticipated and the BP had no cause to rise. I think most people are affected by the white coat syndrome.

  3. I used to have to go to the doctors every week, so soon lost any associated anxiety. It's reduced to monthly visits now so things are obviously improving, although I'm taking about a period of about twenty years! I hope all goes well for you today and you can get back to normal life without pain and worry.

  4. Diane - maybe it's to do with having been connected in some way, you as a senior nurse and me married to a consultant! Maybe it kind of puts one off a bit? :-)
    Annabeth, the BP wasn't nearly as shocking as it was when I was admitted but the upper number was still high so they're taking it further. For now it's 'keep taking the tablets'.
    Eileen, if I have to attend regularly, that will probably be the case for me too. Familiarity and all that! I'm very glad your situation appears to be improving./
    J xxx