Tuesday 28 November 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to a very chilly Tuesday late-November morning.  No snow but, did you notice, in the reporting from Kensington Palace on the BBC news last night, there were a few flakes drifting down, which was a surprise.  It's definitely going to be a warm shoes and coat day today.

Again yesterday, after months of there not being an awful lot to watch on telly each evening, I was spoilt for choice yesterday and will have to use iPlayer (bless its cotton socks) to catch up on University Challenge and Nigella's latest.  I chose to watch the Paul Hollywood programme which was OK, not amazing but interesting enough, and then 'Would I Lie to You' which reduced me to tears of helpless mirth last night.  It was hysterically funny at times.

Have I Got More News For You is also on Mondays but too late for early-to-bed me so that's another one to catch up on.  I usually chuckle my way through that too:  it's very clever they way they cut through our serious absurdities, even though I'm not terribly keen on some of the language.  That's just me though!

Today, I think I will take an early trip to Sainsbury's.  I haven't been for ages and I'm starting to pick up little bits and bobs for Christmas now rather than getting it all at the last minute.  I definitely want to get the sausages and bacon to make the pigs in blankets which I can freeze in the tin I will use to roast them.  Anything to save time!

Over the weekend I got some gluten free stuffing mix as a basis for my stuffing, to which I will add more onion, more sage and some chopped up ham.  It then just needs thawing and baking in the oven on The Day.

Then I will need to do some tuition planning followed by the actual tuition.  That, combined with the usual housework, more or less takes me through the day.

So I will get my coffee and start on the first thing which is posting the daily messages in a few groups I help to admin on Facebook.

Have a warm day!


  1. I agree, Would I Lie to You often reduces me to tears of laughter, too. It's one of the funniest programmes on TV and yet it is seldom mentioned. Lee Mack is a comic genius. That and Uni Challenge and my Monday evenings are perfect, I then switch off and read.
    Margaret P

  2. It'll be a long time before I forget Lee Mack and his crash course in taxidermy! Or his 'there on the stair' quip. I agree, he is brilliant!
    J x