Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Good morning, everyone.  I gather there were winds yesterday evening.  As I went to bed at eight and woke at four this morning I can't claim to have been much bothered by them.  It's too dark to see much but the fences seem to be OK and everything is in order at the front.  Hoping this is indeed so and that all my readers are also as fortunate.

It was a nice day yesterday.  I got an email from the teacher I have been replacing for three weeks and who will be back in harness again next week.  We managed to get all the planning done so I have sent it over to her.  Mixed feelings.  Glad and sad all at the same time.

So today is just an ordinary day at school but when I get home a dear friend is coming to stay for a couple of nights so that's something to look forward to very much.

So now I need to set to, sort out today's work and then do a bit of a tidy.  But first - coffee!

Slightly later update:  The fencing is all fine and, in fact, the garden is tidier than it has been for days because all the leaves have been blown into one corner.  As I am not working tomorrow, I might very well get round to bunging them all on the compost heap!  You never know!


  1. Nature at its very best! I wonder if I left my back door open it'd sweep my kitchen floor and empty the dishwasher!