Saturday 21 November 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  I hope you are staying warm, wherever you live and whether the snow has come or not.  There's none here which is hardly surprising as we never get much.  It feels jolly cold though - two days ago the temperature was in the teens.  At the moment it must be around zero.  Brrrrr.

Well, it has been a lovely two days.  The reason why I didn't finish off the week at school was because I had a dear friend visiting and she went home again yesterday late afternoon.  We've chatted and stitched.  She's learnt how to use her little sewing machine, I've learnt how to make entrelac socks and, if the weather stays like this, when I have made them they will keep my tootsies nice and cosy!

Jen was most satisfying to cook for.  She loved my breads, she loved my jams and marmalade, she loved my soups (seconds all round) and she loved the dinner we had.  She can come again any time!  I've been posting what I've made on the other blog so please do pop over and take a look.  As I said over there, you can make a real quality soup for a fraction of what it would cost to buy it and it's much better tasting too.  When I start Breadline, my lunches will mostly be home made soups and bread.  Really delicious!

Today is going to be nice.  No shopping to do.  The house is clean and comparatively tidy.  I have washing and ironing and I suspect I won't be drying anything on the line today.  I will make bread, prepare the Christmas roasties for the freezer and today's soup will be parsnip soup. I have a leg of pork to roast for tomorrow's Sunday dinner.  I will maybe start making those socks, depending on what I have in the yarn cupboard.   And, of course, this evening it is Strictly and Doctor Who.

I feel very happy and relaxed right now


  1. Ooh, entrelac socks, that's brave. I've made entrelac scarves but never as socks .. have to look it up on Ravelry. Your day sounds wonderful, enjoy! I've got dental appointments today and Monday :-(

  2. Jen Snow gave me the pattern so I thought I'd have a go. She gave me two in fact, one completely entrelac and one half.
    Good luck with the dentist.
    J x

  3. That reminds me, I have the start of an entrlac scarf somewhere!!

  4. I like entrelac and a scarf would be lovely and warm, wouldn't it?