Thursday 26 November 2015


So here I am, well before 4:00 am, croaking away (no voice to speak of) and wide awake.  Mutter, mutter, mutter!
Croak, croak!
We all got a bit of a shock yesterday when I opened my mouth to say 'good morning' to my guests and out came an excellent imitation of a frog.  No wonder I was having some vocal issues on Tuesday while teaching the children some songs for their show.  I haven't got the best voice in the world but it is good enough to voice lead when teaching a song and on Tuesday my voice just wasn't always reproducing the note my brain told it to sing.  Fortunately, at that age, the children are even less able to hold a true note than I was so I don't think I did too much harm.

So yesterday it came and went, went and came and this morning it's more went than yesterday so it is really lucky that there's no teaching until Tuesday, isn't it?
I feel fine apart from the old throat (and waking so early!).

However, it was a nice day yesterday.  We had a lovely crafty time with knitting, sewing, etc.  Son Dave came round for lunch and I made a leek and potato soup which turned out deliciously well.  It was cool but sunny and sun always brightens spirits, doesn't it?  I gather from the forecast that it's due to get much colder again over the weekend so I'm enjoying the milder weather while it's here.

I also made a batch of orange marmalade as I'm nearly out and want to share some with my guests.  I'm afraid that nowadays I cheat and use Ma Made (or the equivalent) rather than putting myself through the long, drawn out process.  It's still very delicious, albeit a little short on peel (must remember to save, prepare and freeze when I have an orange or lemon so I have peel to add) and, unless one pays the earth for very speciality stuff, it is far nicer than any shop bought marmalade.

Today is quite a busy day.  This morning we are hoping to get to Lakeland.  I have a few things I need and we always love looking around.  Then my guests leave and in the afternoon, voice permitting, I am off to school to do my Granny Helper bit.

As well as that I have to set to and get the sheets, etc, laundered as I have more guests at the weekend!

As for today's food, it is toast, etc, for breakfast.  There's a little bit of soup left over from yesterday for lunch and just enough dinner left over too.  So that will be mince crumble, roasties, sweet corn and roasted parsnips (I changed the plans a bit to match what I found in the fridge yesterday).

Well, I need another coffee and I have to stick some labels on some jars of home made deliciousness while the ketting is boiling!  And then it is back to bed to try to sleep a bit more.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Hope you managed to get back to sleep X

  2. I didn't. :-( And then I got a phone call asking me to cover for another teacher today and had to say sorry, no. One is a bit useless without a voice!
    J x