Thursday, 19 November 2015


. . . because that's how it feels!
Good morning!

No school today.  Or tomorrow.  In fact, not until Tuesday and then I'm back to my original contracted PPA cover.  Five days off.  Woo hoo!  Beth and I can start swimming again.  I can sew and knit and get the house back into some sort of order before Christmas.  I can sleep properly again and wake later.

My lovely friend, J, is here for a couple of days.  We are going to have a crafty time.  She's bought her sewing machine with her and she's going to learn how to use it!  At the moment she is, I hope, sleeping sweetly in the guest bedroom.

Yesterday turned out to be a very pleasant day.  It was a 'teach all day' time - no assembly or library time to break things up a bit and no 'other' type of lessons (like Computing or Games) that take us out of the classroom.  We started with Reading Revelry, waltzed our way through a big write and phonics, then maths and so on.

Today, apart from the crafting, I shall make bread, make soup for lunch and generally enjoy being at home.  What more could I ask?

Enjoy your day too . . .


  1. We have a GULP INSPECTION TODAY. It's an RE one by the Diocese as we are a Church of England school. The news broke on Monday sending everyone into meltdown like that kind of news does. This time tomorrow it'll all be over. We should get the good at least we deserve, if not then we get a list of what we need to improve so inreality why do we go into pampnic mode??? Crazy!
    Ps I'm going in super early ( unpaid ) to double check everything is ok for my Y6's Worship club worship they've been working on!!

  2. Pampnic??? Lol a great word showing I'm in a frenzy all ready!!

  3. It's a brilliant word but what created it isn't (the inspection, not you!). I'm glad it isn't OFSTED though.
    I'm sure it will be fine but that's hardly the point - anything that created that much worry and upset cannot be a good thing . . .

    ALl the very best - do let me know how it all goes, especially your worship time.

    J x