Monday, 16 November 2015


I was looking for a raimbow picture and loved this one!
Well, I survived!  I kept feeling better through the day which is always a great sign and although I was worn out by the evening it was a healthy worn out.  Less good is that a number of others seem to be going down with it now - same symptoms: extreme tiredness ('exhaustion' isn't an exaggeration), nasty headache and giddiness,  and a feeling of nausea.
In a selfish way it makes me feel better - it wasn't me just being a wuss and no longer having the stamina.

There was a magical moment yesterday. I was on afternoon playground duty when I noticed a rainbow.  Within half a minute about a third of the children had seen it, stopped playing and were just pointing.  It was one of those 'awe and wonder' moments that OFSTED used to go on about, not realising that if it was planned it wasn't 'awe and wonder'.

After writing about Breadline yesterday, I am feeling really enthusiastic about starting it again in the New Year and have lots of plans.  Having a higher amount to spend has opened some doors and I am actively searching out frugal, creative and interesting recipes as well as having some ideas of my own.

Still working today so it will be more of the usual.  In a way I am quite sorry that tomorrow will be my last day.  If I set aside the illness, it has been good.  I have had a lovely bunch of children to teach.  I've always loved year 1 and count myself very lucky to have been able to teach them for a short time.  It will be mixed feelings on Wednesday, for sure.

After school today I will be helping a bit with choir.  The teacher I am covering takes choir with another colleague.  It's very difficult to play piano and teach a second part so the other teacher asked me if I could help.  One of the songs is fine - I have played Walking in the Air' a number of time before and can fuzz harmonically on the slightly harder bits.  The other, 'When Children Rule the World', starts off wonderfully easily in C major but as soon as one relaxes it bumps up a semitone to D flat major which is the very devil to play.  Add to that a second vocal part and I understand why she asked me if I could help out a bit, even though I haven't touched the piano since July.  I've been practising and I just hope I don't let her down.  We have a wonderful choir that sings like an angel (or several angels) so there's a lot to live up to!

Well, better look at the planning and get things ready.  But first . . . coffee!

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