Monday, 9 November 2015


Hyde Hall: 27-10-25

Good morning, everyone.  It's awful dark out there but seems dry enough and not too chilly either.  The air still smells of gunpowder from Saturday evening in particular when the whole area seemed to be exploding in a riot of sound and colour.

After a full week's work and a day in London yesterday, I was somewhat zonked yesterday to the extent that I cancelled Beth coming over.  However, I needed to get certain things done and I managed that.

I got some washing done but forgot to take it out in time to hang it on the line so it's been drying none too elegantly on the drying rack.

I made seven loaves of bread in two batches.  Some for me and some for my Monday customers.  I also made some soda bread, just one loaf, intending to freeze it for when my friend comes to stay but it was so delicious I am afraid half of it never saw the inside of the freezer.  Never mind, it is just so easy I will make loads more!

For nearly a fortnight now I have had green tomatoes sitting on a tray.  Some had started to turn but some were getting manky so I sorted out the bad ones and zizzed up the rest for chutney.  At the moment they are in the freezer and next week, when I am a retired lady of leisure again, I will set to and make that green tomato chutney and also some pineapple chutney with a couple of pineapples cheap from Aldi that are ripening at the moment.

And then I did the planning.  Oh, goodness, it was a bit of a nightmare really.  I've done the best I can and hopefully it will pass muster.  It is very different when it's not your own planning and also when the timetable has changed so dramatically from the previous year.  The main thing is that there are things to teach and work to do and the children will be occupied and, I sincerely hope, learning!

So today I start another week of work.  Really, I am looking forward to it and have been loving it but I am just out of practice really.

Hope you have a good day too!

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