Saturday 14 November 2015


Good morning.  Sorry it's a wee bit late but I needed to go shopping and wanted to get it sorted before the crowds gathered.  I popped down to Aldi and got most of what I wanted, then went into Morrisons to get what Aldi didn't have.

Most of the shopping could have waited, maybe, until tomorrow but I was desperate for flour.  I was almost totally out of plain, SR and even white and wholemeal bread flour.  That would never do, would it?  I'm well stocked up now.

I feel that I have spent an awful lot today but a lot of it is for Christmas including the now traditional snowman loo paper and kitchen towel.  Aldi had it in and I know it flies off the shelf like there's no tomorrow so I made sure I got my lot.  It may sound unfrugal but actually it is no more expensive than what I usually get, so no problem.
This is it - quite nice for the festive season, don't you think?
I'm just home now and I really ought to be putting it all away but my shoulders are aching and my head has gone a bit odd again so I shall have a sit down first.  Obviously I'm not really quite right yet, although I really am feeling a lot better, and it's just as well I'm not generously sharing whatever it is with Mum and Dad.  Fortunately I don't have to go out again apart from to the shed so I can take things easy.

Head permitting, I'm hoping to get the pineapple chutney made today.  It's a slow cooker recipe so just a case of chopping things up, bunging it all in and leaving it for a long time.  I can live with that.  I'm hoping for a few presents out of the results so it will be worth the effort.

Morrisons had King Edwards in and I think they are the very nicest for roasties so I bought two bags and will prepare and freeze most of them, again for Christmas.  I'm feeding ten this year so organisation is key if I am to see much of my guests.  Probably not today though, more likely tomorrow.  Then I want to have a go at roasting some of the peelings (which are very clean) because that's supposed to make scrummy nibbles!  Like these . . .

Well, I'd better stop rambling and get on with the necessary - but not until I've had a rest and a cuppa coffee.  Have a great day and wrap up warm if you need to go out.


  1. As 'M' is further away, and Aldi is easily within walking distance...that's where I go. Hoping your are feeling better today. Jx

  2. I wish it was like that for me too! :-)
    Taking it easy and recovering, thanks, Joan.
    J x

  3. LOL, WIPING ONES BUM ON A SNOWMAN! heheheheheh xx