Friday 27 November 2015


And carrying on from yesterday - it's still mutter, croak, mutter.  Frustratingly, I got asked to do supply cover for a colleague who, I suspect, has more or less the same thing and had to say (or croak) 'no, sorry.'  No way one can teach without a voice - not if it isn't your own class.  If anything, it is a bit worse than yesterday but, dear me, life goes on and, as yesterday, I'm not feeling significantly unwell, just a sore throat, so that's all to the good.

Yesterday I took life easy.  After my guests had gone I did a bit of clearing up and dithered about doing some shopping.  In the end I didn't so I need to get out early this morning and hope that this so-called 'Black Friday' isn't affecting Aldi at 8:00.  I suppose it is one way to clear the shelves of old stock!

I caught up on some sleep, thank goodness, and while I am up very early this morning, it's daytime (in my book), not night time and I've slept OK.

Today I shall get that shopping done and away and then I will be getting ready for tomorrow's Christmas dinner.  Turkey out, cranberry jelly to make, etc . . .   I do like to be well prepared so that things just roll.  It's a sort of rehearsal for the Big Day, not that I need one after all these years but you know what I mean!

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow.  It's a while since I saw Sonja and Milli and they are so lovely!

I expect today will be a very pleasant day and I hope yours is too!


  1. I'm up early and have almost got a blog post out! Enjoy your Christmas dinner tomorrow xx think we are off to Skipton for the day! But just 8.5 hours at school to get out if the way first!

  2. I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and to your truly wonderful Christmas dinner. It will be absolutely great! :o)
    Yes, it really has been a while since we have seen each other, so glad we are all able to make it now. :o)
    Take great care of that throat and try and get loads of rest inbetween cooking .
    S. xxxx

  3. Voice probs are not good. Try speaking in a whisper, drink lots of fluids to help ease your vocal chords. We've talked about this before haven't we? Take good care of yourself and I hope things soon improve.

  4. Rachel - you will have survived your hours at school now and I hope they all went well. Have a lovely time in Skipton.
    Sonja - today's the day. Drive carefully and see you when you get here!
    Joan - yes, we've spoken about it. One of the good things about living alone is that I don't have to talk very much. It's just a cold really but with an annoying side effect! I am following your wise advice, thanks.
    J x