Monday, 2 November 2015


This is a little earlier and a bit shorter than usual because I am back to work this week.  Yes, I have a five day stint with the same class all week which is very nice for me.  I say five days but it is really four days as I would be doing one day anyway.  I am just a little concerned about stamina.  I wasn't really winging it by the end of the summer term and I've got a bit lazy since then.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday brightened up once the mist cleared and it turned out to be a gloriously sunny and mild day for the first of November.  As I had promised myself, I had another go at pastry for quiche and it was a lot better this time.  In fact, the whole meal was jolly tasty and I'm glad there are leftovers for lunch today.  With the leftover pastry I made more mince pies: Beth and I accounted for some at lunch time and the rest are in the freezer for another time.

Today - well, teaching, of course.  Hopefully nothing will be too difficult to prepare in a hurry.
It's misty again so I have hopes of another lovely day!  Fingers crossed.
Goodness knows what I will do this eveing.  Sleep, I expect!

And today's food?
Breakfast:  porridge and spiced plums
Lunch: quiche, salad and walnut bread, apple
Dinner: Steak, fried and peas.
Playtime fruit

For now I need coffee - caffeine today, I think!


  1. Have a lovely week Joy! Those lucky cheeeeldren X back to it for me today - INSET

  2. I'm sure you'll be fine, you don't have the major life change ahead of you anymore, you're more rested now and looking forward to it.

    Enjoy your week and the littlies, it's only for a few days and you can give them back at the end ...

  3. :-) I survived!
    Hope the INSET was good, Rachel!
    J x