Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's raining outside right now and it feels pretty chilly but I don't think it's freezing.  I'm hoping it all clears up before school starts because wet plays and lunchtimes are the pits for children and adults alike.

Yes, it's back to school today but for my contracted day, not supply.  Less responsibility for a start as I just do as I am told really.  When I get home, my guests (yes, more guests, yay!) will have arrived and made themselves at home.  We're going to have a Chinese takeaway for dinner so I'm looking forward to this evening!

It was fantastic to get back to swimming yesterday.  We didn't do a full hour and we took it easy because it was the first time for about a month.  Full time teaching doesn't allow for swims like that and when I wasn't teaching I was either ill or had guests.  I don't think either of us can go again this week so I'm glad we managed yesterday.

Then it was back to my house where Beth carried on working on a table runner that someone has commissioned while I did kitchen stuff.  A double batch of white bread, a batch of green tomato chutney and some sweet potato and lentil soup.  The bread was most cooperative and rose nicely, the chutney took as long as the bread and tasted rather good by the end which bodes well for a couple of months' time and the soup was scrummy so I am going to post the recipe despite the fact that I have posted a lot of similar recipes recently.  It's my blog, after all. < smiles >

As mentioned, today is school.  Year 1, then Foundation Stage.  I expect everyone will be rushing around in a panic as the Christmas Show (Infants) and the Carol Service (Juniors) are only a few weeks away and no-one will feel ready yet.  I know that because it's the same every year, has been from time immemorial and will continue to be so for evermore, amen!  You can't fit in a full teaching curriculum AND prepare for family assemblies, shows, etc, it is just not possible and yet every year committed and dedicated colleagues try to do the impossible, running themselves into the ground and, inevitably, failing.  I'm not missing that part of teaching one little bit!

I'm looking round the room and wishing it was all a bit neater.  However, with Beth in the middle of a project and with Christmas purchases in heaps, it isn't and won't be.  My guests won't mind!

However, time is getting short and I have just realised I haven't had my coffee yet so I will say goodbye and tank up!  I hope your day is good.


  1. The hall is fully booked up for rehearsals and as y6 troop out , the infants troop in! It's madness. We've the Christmas fairs coming up too. So there's crafts to make for that!

  2. Relentless, isn't it? I heard today that the first two hours of PPA cover (which I do) next Tuesday will be the first run-through of the Infant show. I can think of worse things! :-)

    At least it is all time limited - until next year!!

    J x

  3. It's my favourite time of the year!! Totally

  4. Me too. I'm missing all those little fun things I used to do with my class . . .
    J x