Thursday, 5 November 2015


Hyde Hall: 27-10-15

Three down, two - er - seven to go!  Yes, I have accepted another week of supply teaching.  Same school, same class, much better for the children.  And it won't do the old budget any harm either!

Yesterday was quite tiring.  I've gone a bit soft, I think, since I retired - I should say 'retired' in inverted commas because one day a week on contract plus supply isn't totally retired, is it?

 I used to do this day after day, week afer week, term after term without blinking an eye most of the time.  Now two weeks is major!  But, you know, I am loving it so much.  It's with year one, where my heart has always been.  I enjoyed year 2, for sure, it was lovely and I was willing to do it but I always missed the younger children.  As I always knew, I am really a rather limited one-year teacher really.

I was thinking I ought to change the heading to this blog to 'Diary of an (ex)teacher' but I think I will wait because who knows what the future holds, eh?

So I am afraid I have no other news for you.  School has taken over my life again, albeit for a shorter time.  And it is brilliant!

However, I am missing the swimming.

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