Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Well, I survived - just!  I was so tired in the evening though, that I fell asleep and missed the Hugh F-W programme on food waste that I had been looking forward to for ages.  Thank goodness for iPlayer - I can watch it at the weekend, can't I?

Apart from that, everything was OK and I now have the planning for the week.  I have to tweak a few things but it'll be OK and everyone was very helpful.  It felt strange after school though.  The senior management team met for a meeting and, as they all went into the meeting, I felt a most curious 'pang' as if I should be there too but had been excluded.  Silly me.  I doubt I could have stayed awake anyway but it was an odd feeling and I felt sad for a while afterwards!!!

This is short and sweet as I have to go over today's planning and get it all sorted.  I'll be back at full power after the week is over!

Coffee . . .


  1. I caught the last half hour of it as I'd forgotten it was on. It was very interesting but some of the stuff I'd seen already. I was too tired really after a full day of foundation subject topic planning getting the KLIPS skills set in. It's what we were doing ten years ago...just under a different name. Le sigh.

  2. Education just goes in a circle, doesn't it? Ive been in teaching long enough to see similar things come round more than once . . . and I think 'what's different this time?'
    Cynical? Or maybe just experience?
    J x