Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Good morning!
Yesterday's weather was nothing like I had hoped.  Soon after I posted, the skies darkened and down came the rain - after I had watered, of course!  Always the way, isn't it?  Never mind, it did brighten up and we had a bit of sunshine but by then my garden had been invaded!

For a while now I have intended to have some work done in the garden.  Not gardening work but maintenance stuff such as repairing the shed door and a floorboard, replacing the wooden panel parts of the fencing which were rotting, plus some front work too.  Also things like replacing the door bell which doesn't work and getting the rotary washing line set up.

The chap turned up and he has taken over the back garden with his machines and wood!  No complaints, I am glad to be getting the work done.  I have saved up and the money is set aside.  it needs doing.  It just means no resting in the garden.

So now I have a working doorbell and a fitting and lockable shed door again and will have a clothes line soon.  All good stuff.

I had intended to do all sorts of things but, as is almost always the way at the start of a holiday, I did very little.  I'm feeling a little bit guilty about that but never mind!

Today Beth and I are going to the market and then we are doing something we should have done years ago and that is find out where the town tip is and how it works.  We both have stuff we need to get rid of so it will be a very useful thing to do.
Then we are coming here for lunch and an afternoon of 'stuff'.  Should be good.

Today's food:
Breakfast:  scrambled eggs on toast
Lunch:  beans on toast with cheese
Dinner:  Fish fingers, new potatoes, salad

Just to let you know, I will be posting a soda bread recipe today . . . if case you're interested.

Time is moving on, it is nearly half past six and the man will be coming at half past seven.  Fortunately it is looking to be a fine start to the day so he won't have to work in the rain.  I need to get myself ready before he arrives but there's plenty of time for that.  What is urgent is that first coffee so I will go and get it!

Have a wonderful day, gentle readers.


  1. Great that you have had someone to sort out all those odd jobs in the garden - that must feel good. :o)
    No need to feel guilty, Joy - this is your summer break, your time to do what you want to do and when. :o)
    Sounds like you are in for a lovely day with Beth. :o)

  2. I know, Sonja, it is a habit, I think. It has been a very pleasant day and the sun has shone warmly. A really nice time.
    J x