Thursday, 2 July 2015


Phew.  Now that was what I call a hot night!  Even with the fan blowing it was hot and sweaty in the bedroom.  No, I don't mean that . . .
How people manage without a fan - two fans, in fact, because I also have the ceiling fan - I cannot imagine!  I am very grateful for mine, believe me!

So yesterday was hot.  The hottest July day since records started, I gather.  Here in middle-Essex we sweltered and stayed as still as possible.  The children were abnormally quiet and industrious.  Maybe someone told them the quieter they were the cooler the classroom would remain < whistles innocently >

The afternoon was sheer bliss though.  Into the hall we piled to watch the Junior show.  Into the air conditioned hall!  And there we stayed all afternoon.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

After school the staff meeting had been cancelled, thank goodness, so I did the necessary and came home.  I was thankful.  Going back in for a governors' training thingy was a pain but, in fact, it was very interesting.  And it was in the hall.  Yes, the air conditioned one!

Today I am out of class all morning (PPA and coordinator time) and this afternoon it is computer suite time.  Yes, you've got it - air conditioned computer suite time.  Excellent!

Right now I am doing one of my favourite things.  I am sitting by the open French window, watching the garden slowly lighten as day breaks and the sun comes up.  It is cool and cloudless, fresh and still.  In a few weeks I will be able to sit out and enjoy this time without feeling in any way 'pressured' to work, but right now there is stuff to do so I had better get going and do it.

Cooler is better for me but I know some love this hot weather.  Are you a hot weather fan or is is cool the coolest thing for you?


  1. Some areas near here had thunderstorms, but not us. We had anticyclonic gloom, overcast yet sweltering. Hoping we get some rain to temporarily clear the air of pollen. Our water butts also need replenishment. Give me cooler weather any day. Jx

  2. We had a bit of rain a short time ago with one or two claps of thunder but it is more sweltering now. I like the cooler weather too.

    J x

  3. I love the very early part of the morning to myself. Hence the timing of this comment! It's the best part of the day! Though I bet I'll be sleepy as, come get up time!

  4. A girl after my own heart! :-)
    J x