Friday 31 July 2015


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to the definitive version of this morning's entry.  Those of you lucky enough to read it last night would have seen a most fascinating list starting with 'ouchy toe' and ending with 'laptop.  Yes, you have discovered my system.  Notes as I think of them to help my ageing memory, posted in error!

Anyway!  Apologies for that and off we go.

There was a gorgeous moon overnight.  Did you see it?  It's still there, in fact, but has less impact now that light is dawning.  A blue moon, they call it.  An interesting term, like 'harvest moon', one that is rather mysterious and romantic although, in reality, quite ordinary!

OK, so - ouchy toe.  I've been away this week, staying with my parents.  On Thursday, somehow, I bruised a toe - I know where and when (after all, it hurt) but I'm not sure how.  The fact remains that I had a toe that turned an interesting black and blue and hurt!  It still does, on and off, but, like any bruise, it's fading now.  It is just ouchy when I forget and step out carelessly!

It's been a lovely week, full of goings out, lazy food and chatting.  I have a few photos but haven't been able to upload them yet!  Soon I will be able to repay the compliment in term time when places to visit will be less crowded and the roads easier outside milk run times.

Now I am home and MUST get on with the big sort out.  It is a most discouraging mess in here at the moment.  The new PC is still in a pile of boxes and will stay that way until Eddie can come to make some sense of it.  There's stacks of card for the recycling sack but I missed the card pickup as I was away so I have to hold on to it for a fortnight.  The bottom of the stairs is full of stuff that needs to go up and the top is full or stuff that needs to go down.  There's piles of stuff everywhere I look and it is unwelcoming and discouraging.

So guess what I am doing today!

But first - no, not coffee!  First I have to out some washing out on the line FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME.  I've had the new line up for over a week but last weekend was rainy and then I was away.  I feel like there ought to be a fanfare of trumpets but as there isn't I will just get on and do it!  Then I need to get the bread on and start the day's work.

Have a good one!


  1. < grin > Sorry about that! You read my aide memoire, sent in error yesterday evening! Yes, thanks, it is healing.
    In explanation, readers, I ofen make a quick list of things I might write about the evening before but this time I accidentally posted it! Doh!
    J x

  2. Ouch, ouch, indeed, hope it gets better soon!

    Yay and well done on the washing line, I haven't used one for years, actually I can't find the hole and pole for the rotary drier anymore, sunk without a trace and probably popping up in Australia soon ...

    Hope the link works:

    Happy stuff clearing, when you're done there's some here too ..:-)

  3. LOL - love the fanfare, thanks. That's just how I felt!

    I keep looking proudly out of the window. How pathetic is that?

    J x

  4. I wrote a whole blog post about pegging out! Congratulations on your new line!!

  5. :-) It's a long time since I did so much washing and ironing! Motivation is everything!
    J x