Friday 31 July 2015


Good morning again!  Amazing how quickly Friday turns up each week, isn't it?  And wht a pleasant day it looks like being too.  Clear blue skies, a freshness in the air, the sun shining . . . excellent!

We did manage to get toWrest Park yesterday and had a very pleasant time although the WW1 convalescent home exhibition was a bit disappointing.  It was fascinating, full of information but very, very small and cramped.  Given that it was in a big room with lots of spare space, it really could have been spread out more.  There was also a video which basically reproduced the visual displays but the sound was too low for me.  It was good but, with a bit more thought, could have been a lot better.

It was an amazing use of the Hall in very difficult times.  So sad, though, that such a successful and well run venture should be finished by a bad fire!

While we were there, there was some filming going on.  We asked and it was for a programme called 'The Royals'.  Have you every watched it?  I hadn't, so I looked it up on Google and - well, I don't think so, is all I can say!!!  Prince Liam?????

When we arrived they were filming close to the house and when we got back from a wander around the grounds they were filming outside one of the other houses in the grounds (I think it is called the bowling green house).  This was obviously going to be a wedding scene with two 'Beefeaters' (I have photographic proof), rows of posh (plastic) chairs, bottles of what was supposed to be champagne in ice tubs and hundreds of glasses, a rather nice looking posh car (that, at least, was real) and some gorgeous flower displays.  And so much clutter!!!

When we got home we were zonked so decided to get a Chinese takeaway which not only made the making of the evening meal a doddle, it also cut down on the clearing up afterwards.

I seem to have done a lot of eating out this week.  We had lunch at the eating place in the park too.  A very easy day, culinarily speaking!

As for today - the weekly shopping calls and I must make a list!


  1. Sounds like a good day and I am pleased to see you making the most of your free time.

  2. It was greatly enjoyable, thanks, Diane!
    J x

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip out: Liam though - seriously?! ;-)

  4. Yes, seriously. And King Simon. It's an American production, as you might inagine! Oh, and Liam's twin princess is - er - enjoying life with a body builder!
    If I know which episode they were filming, I might watch it just because I was there, so to speak.
    J x