Wednesday 15 July 2015


Apologies for the lack of an entry yesterday.  I was so dopey in the morning, I sat in front of the laptop and kept going to sleep.   I'm not sure why I was so very tired, I just was.  Still am, in fact!

Yesterday was an odd day.  I had my PPA in the morning.  Usually it is Wednesday afternoon but I swapped with the teacher who will be teaching Y2 in September so that she and V could plan together which makes a whole lot more sense all round.

Because I had finished doing out the cupboards, drawers, etc, I set to and finished marking some English and it was a relief to get that all done.

In the afternoon it was swapover hour when all the children spent an hour with their new teacher in their new classroom.  The FS teachers plus H and I looked after the year sixes which, in reality, meant sitting under the pagoda chatting while they all played happily and contentedly.

The timetables for next year were all emailed out to us and it felt decidedly odd not to be searching through to find out when PE, computing, PPA, etc, had been scheduled.

After school it was a quick tidy up which was not too hard for once, a sort out of all the books which were placed in pupil piles on the tables and at six o'clock the doors reopened and in came the parents for open evening.

Open evening is always nice.  There are no appointments as such; the parents are free to wander round looking at any classroom, any display, any work although, in reality, they look at their child's work, chat to the teacher and visit their next classroom to meet the new teacher.  I had some lovely visits from people whose children I had taught in the past who wanted to say goodbye, with many hugs and good wishes and a few tears.

I will always remember L who bounced into the classroom with her mum last night, gasped at the pile of exercise books, counted them gleefully and announced to the world at the top of her voice 'I've done ELEVEN BOOKS!'  She had too, although they weren't all full.

So that was my last open evening.

Today is, I think, a normal day.  No PPA so I am with my class all through the day.  We are all living for 2 o'clock this afternoon which is the cut off time for big O to announce an inspection starting tomorrow.  You would think that even they would have the sense to realise that there's no way that they are going to see a school running properly and normally in the last few days of the school year but it has happened - not to us but to other schools.  Maybe it is urbal legend (or educational legend), who knows?
Because of this, nothing, but nothing, is coming down from any displays until after 2.  Just in case.  I'm taking no risks!

And my fingers are crossed!

Finally a huge and public thanks to Beth who came round here yesterday and reduced my shockingly messy downstairs to something that looks nice and tidy - if you don't look at the sofa!  Even the sofa isn't as bad as it looks and certainly a lot better than it could be.  It won't take long to sort out the jumble of papers, folders, files and books I didn't leave for the school to use.

Time for another coffee, I think!


  1. It's certainly not a myth. The primary school I'd worked at for 25 years had an OFSTED inspection three weeks before we broke up for the summer; which also happened to be three weeks before I wa due to retire. There were no outstanding issues identified but it was a retirement gift I could certainly have done without! Glad you've avoided it, and best wishes to you for your own retirement.

  2. Hi!
    Three weeks I get although it must have been not only annoying but also like a slap in the face so close to retirement. But the very last week is absolutely ridiculous - if they want to see how well a school normally functions!
    Ah, well, not this time! :-)

    I hope you are having a fantastic retirement.
    J x