Monday 13 July 2015


Yesterday was quite a day!  I spent a small fortune investing in my technological future.

I have this friend, Eddie.  In days gone by I taught Eddie's oldest in my year 1 class.  Since then Eddie has been a fantastic support to me in all things computer based.  He is very clever.  He has helped me buy stuff, sorted out problems, linked me up to wireless stuff and generally been an all round Good Egg!

Several months ago I decided that I needed to upgrade, renew and generally refresh technology stuff.  I knew I would lose my (school) laptop once retired and my home based PC stuff is old and wrinkled (like me) and liable to crash at a nano-seconds notice.  I can't manage without my blogging and the whole social network I have built up around my life.  Well, I could, but I'd rather not!

Think about it.
Nowadays, when I need to know something, my first reaction is to Google it.  How did we find things out before the Internet?  The answer is, we didn't.  Need to know the opening hours of a shop?  Google it. Need to check some class data?  Look in Target Tracker.  Need to contact a friend?  Email or Facebook.  Need a new toaster, kettle, whatever - online shopping is great!
Life revolves around ICT nowadays and whether it is good or bad or something else, that's the reality.

I can share photos, relate with people I am not likely to ever meet in Real Life, make new and abiding friendships.  Some of my dearest friends started as online acquaintances - we'd never have met without ICT, would we?  That would have been a great shame.

Anyway . . .
Yesterday afternoon, Eddie came round and, in the next three hours, with his expert guidance and some of my savings, I bought a new PC, with all the trimmings and then, after a trip to a shop, a new laptop with various bits and bobs to go with it.

Eddie will come round again once the PC stuff has been delivered and will get it all set up for me, transfer stuff over, make it all work and so on.  I won't be touching the new laptop until Eddie helps me sort it out.

So that was yesterday!  I'm still a bit breathless about it this morning!

Today is as normal as the last Monday of a school year ever is.  That's it, really.


  1. Ooh, how exciting, good luck!

  2. I have a desktop and a laptop, but it is the laptop that is used most often. I was lucky and both were bought for me when my nearest and dearest decided the older versions needed replacing. How lucky you are to have a tech savvy guru to help you. I've had to teach myself. Fortunately D with his engineering background has taught himself about the hardware side of things. Enjoy your new acquisitions won't you. Jx

  3. How exciting! Wow, you'll have great fun with your new acquisitions and really good that you have Eddie to sort it all out and set it up for you. Especially the new PC will make a massive difference, won't it - just the speed and storage space alone.
    Wow, the last Monday - amazing. This term does seem to have flown by, doesn't it...
    Have a super last week! :o) S.xxxx

  4. How lovely, I am all apple so that all the bits talk to each other. The iPad does me instead of a laptop.

  5. you are lucky to have Eddie, but I think you are wise getting all your ducks in a row as they say before you retire.

  6. Gosh - five comment. I love that, thank you all. Keep them coming!

    Annabeth: It is exciting, isn't it? I can't wait for it all to be set up and working. Hopefully, next week!

    Joan: I really appreciate Eddie, he is a star and he has helped me so very much over the years. Lucky me.

    Sonja: You will see it soon! How are things going for you?

    Diane: I did um and ah about going the Apple route but decided not. The laptop is a fold back, touch screen one so I think I have the best of both worlds.

    Gill: yes, I am so very lucky. He's a real gentleman. I also appreciate that his wife, Jackie, is OK about him giving up some of his home time. She's lovely too.

    J x

  7. If it wasn't for the ech, we'd not all be bloggy chums xx