Saturday, 25 July 2015


Good morning and welcome to a wild and woolly Saturday morning.  It rained for a lot of yesterday, it rained again in the evening and overnight when the wind picked up and it is still windy and damp this morning, although not too bad.  Yesterday afternoon and evening was a snuggle under the fleece and keep warm time and that's just what I did!  Maybe it will pick up a bit later - it's rather like a slap in the face to have such nasty weather in what is supposed to be the height of summer but at least there's no need tow ater the garden.!

In the morning I popped out to B&Q and managed to get the paint I needed plus some pegs, some granular salt and other bits and bobs, inclusing a spray bottle in case the dreaded blight hits and I need to do a spray of bordeaux mixture.
After that it was home, James, and there I stayed for the rest of the day!

Today will be a busy day so I need to start good and early.  I hope your day is just as good as I hope mine will be.  More later!


  1. Morning! It didn't do it this morning x just peeped out of the window and it appears fine. Hope you get some Sunshine today x

  2. Yes, we had the rain and things yesterday - so very welcome. It had started to look really desert-like around here - brown grass, trees' branches drooping with discoloured leaves. Everyone has been saying how much we needed proper rain. :o)

    This morning it is fresh and breezy and lovely and cool. :o)I have to say, a very welcome interlude indeed as it has been a very hot and humid summer here so far.

    What a lovely idea to have cuddled down and watched the HP films. They have been on ITV every Saturday evening the last few weeks and we watched them all - absolutely brilliant. :o)

    Have a lovely weekend and don't forget the r & r. :o)

  3. Fingers crossed for funshine-sunshine here for the little lad's first birthday party! So far, so good with blue skies and white, fluffy clouds.
    Hope your day today is warmer, Joy.
    X x

  4. It was actually a lovely day today once the rain and the wind had cleared. Warm and sunny butm with a cooling breeze. Gorgeous.

    J x