Sunday 19 October 2014


Good morning.  It's very damp outside with rain overnight and I gather we may be due for some rough weather early in the week with rain and high winds.  Ah, well, what will be, will be!

Yesterday was hard work day and I got a lot done.  I had forgotten Alex was over while Beth went to a tutorial.  He decided he would do his hour's gardening so I set him to pulling up and stripping some of the tomato plants: the pear shaped ones and the accidental hundreds and thousands.  There's a fair number of fruits that might ripen indoors or could make chutney.  The bed the tomatoes were in looks a lot better now.  The others will have to go soon as well, when I have time, and there's still quite a lot of fruit on them that is unlikely to ripen on the vine now.

I made several batches of soup as I had a bag of chopped soup vegetables to use up.  I ended up with eight small portions of tomato soup, six of butterbean and veg soup and three of lentil and veg, plus some for lunch yesterday and some for tea today.  That'll see me through school lunches well into November.

I can see the bag of soup veg being a regular on my shopping list over the winter.  It makes it all so much easier and when time is precious, that makes a big difference.

I hope you have a good Sunday, whatever you're doing.  I need my first coffee now and I suspect it will not be caffeine free!


  1. Had to change browsers before comment box would appear and work. Hoping you have a good week next week. Jx

  2. Weird. No idea why, sorry. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure it will be fine once the first two days are over!
    You too.
    J x