Thursday 30 October 2014


It was probably just as well I couldn't see out yesterday morning because it turned out to be a most dull and dismal day with some heavy rain in the afternoon.  Today is supposed to be better, fingers crossed.  It's too early to tell yet.

I have almost finished the little jacket:  just the button band and collar and then the sewing up, which is often the hardest part with the need for as flat a seam as possible.   Maybe today will see it done apart from the buttons which I have to buy.

I also got on with more marking and levelling which has to be done.  Again, it went well, it just all takes time!

I had some fun (sad, I know) looking up recipes.  However did we manage before Internet came along?  Anyway, I found some likely looking ones including a chestnut soup which I want to try out at some point soon.  I have a couple of vacu packs of the little beauties that must need using up by now.  If it's anything like as delicious as it looks, it will join the list of 'useful Christmas recipes'.

Sorry to use the dreaded C word, but I have a friend coming to stay very soon and will be doing her a Christmas dinner, turkey and all, so it's in my thoughts right now.

Overall, yesterday was a lovely, restful day and, hopefully, today will be the same.  I like half term breaks!

Wishing you a safe journey, Diane .  .  .


  1. I've always loved reading recipes, that's how I ended up with so many cookery books. I like knitting and chrochet, but not the sewing up. I need to be in the right mood to do it, or am likely to mess it up. Good to know you are having a relaxing break. Jx

  2. :-) Thanks. I keep telling myself I have more than enough cookery books but I keep ordering more. Today it was ( cough ) three BUT it IS half term! That's my excuse anyway.
    J x

  3. That lovely 'C' word - we are getting very excited about it all, I have to say. :o) Such a lovely time of the year - warm lights lights, cosy and colourful, absolutely adore it. :o)
    You sound very relaxed which has got to be a good sigh. :o) Hope the aches and pains are getting better.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. They are, thank you, Sonja. :-)
    J x