Friday 31 October 2014


Well, what a surprise!  After the Jack Petchey award ceremony about which I wrote several weeks ago now, I went online and filled in a questionnaire about it.  At the end it said if I wanted to be entered for a prize draw, to fill in my email address.  I nearly didn't, not ever having had any luck with things like that but, at the last moment, thought 'oh, what the heck' and did.
I only got an email yesterday telling me I have won £50 of High Street vouchers!  How lovely.
I have no idea which shops they cover but there's bound to be somewhere I shop.

After that bit of good news, here's the rest.

It was a funny old day, weather wise, yesterday.  Sunny, then raining, then damp and slightly misty.  November without the cold.  I didn't have to go out until evening though, so that was OK.  I ploughed my way through a whole load of marking and levelling and can see light at the end of the tunnel now.

We have an addition - no, additions - to the family.  Beth's tonkinese cat, Indigo, has had six beautiful kittens.  All very exciting and mother and babes are doing well.

In the evening we went out to a place called the Millstream and had a very pleasant meal.  A very pleasant waitress gave us plenty of attention but it was hard to keep serious over one bit.
Me:  I'd like a black coffee, please.
Her:  Would you like milk with that?
Me:  er - no thanks!
Civilisation is a wondrous thing!

Today I'm off for some serious shopping.  But first - more work! Better get going.

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