Tuesday 14 October 2014


Good morning.  Wasn't it a dreadful day, weatherwise, yesterday?  It did clear up at times and the children did get some outdoor play at lunchtime and in the afternoon but even so . . .

I was on playground duty in the morning so got out of that.  However, I had to hurriedly re-jig the English lesson, finding appropriate photos via Google, as there was no way we were going to go for an 'Autumn Walk' in rain that hard.  To my dismay, someone turned up for my extension writing group, but I think the children left with me were more dismayed because that meant they would have to WORK!
After the initial stunned silence, they were magnificent and produced some brilliant work, so that was very good.

In the afternoon they made switches for their circuits using card, split pins and paperclips.  They are LOVING this unit on electricity and circuits.  What a pity it is part of the old curriculum and next year it will be no more, not for year 2 anyway.  This year we are still doing the old curriculum in years 2 and 6 because of assessment/SATs.

Today is an ordinary day except for after school when there's the baby shower party thing.  I'm looking forward to that.  Hope the weather stays good for it.

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