Saturday 25 October 2014


 . . . and a very early start, despite it being half term break.  Sometimes this early waking irritates the socks off me and  sometimes it's very useful.  I'm not too annoyed this morning and will probably go back up for another snooze in a little while.

What does feel nice is the lack of that 'pressing' feeling - the need to plan, mark, evaluate, etc.  With nine days ahead of me, there's no urgency.  I will do a bit, of course.  For a start I have Big Writes to mark and that can take for ages, but there's time and enough for that, thank goodness.

Today's plans are both definite and rather indefinite.  The house is clean (thank you, L) and there's meals and plenty available so I don't have to think too hard about the coming week.  There's knitting to do, ironing (shame), washing and drying (and I put them in that order because I'm afraid the ironing has built up again), a bedroom to tidy (when isn't there?) and a fridge to clear (more soup on the way?).  I may or may not get all of that done, depending on how long I sleep and what's on the telly.   It feels good.

I've just thought of another diversion - I had Jack Monroe's new book, A Year in 120 Recipes' on order to be delivered the day it came out so on Thursday I arrived home to be greeted by a package on my doormat.  Yay!  I didn't really have time or energy to do more than a flick through although I have several already marked for trying out.

I went bonkers yesterday and made some soup early morning.  You see, I had these carrots that were going off and I had a bit of time and a Thermomix!  It turned out jolly good so I've written it up and will post it on the recipe blog.  Guess what I'm having for lunch today!!!

I'd better get the second mug of coffee made and the bread on.  I know man cannot live by . . . etc, but it certainly helps!  A couple of weeks ago Morrison's had strong flour reduced so I bought several bags of the stuff.  Unfortunately, now I have run out of my Dove yeast, the sort you can buy in bags, so I really need to take a trip over to Lathcoats to get some more.  Isn't life hard sometimes?  While I'm there I might just be tempted by some fresh eggs (must remember to take the egg boxes with me) or some of their own apples.  Oh, the hardship!

Now for that coffee!

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