Friday 10 October 2014


The end of the week and I have my SEN day today.  Not that I have much to do since K took over most of the responsibility, but I do have a few reports to write and some assessments to do and also I have my much delayed performance management coming up.  Plenty to think about, that's for sure.

School's been going fine since I was off.  The children have settled again and are producing some super work.  This week we started a unit on Powerpoint.  On Monday, when asked, no-one knew anything about PP.  Yesterday, after starting a presentation about the great fire of London, the ideas about what they had learns came flooding out.  I would call that outstanding progress!!!

Today my house gets cleaned and after school Sharon comes round to chop my hair.  Both these make me feel happy!  Simple things but important things.

So I'd better finish clearing all my mess, hadn't I?


  1. Joy you sound back to your normal self which is lovely to see. Enjoy you nice clean house and there is nothing like a hair do to make you feel more human.

  2. Definitely feeling a lot better now, thanks, Diane. :-)
    J x