Monday 20 October 2014


I had a great night's sleep which is wonderful seeing as I have things on my mind.  Fortunately, I got all the planning, reports and marking done and dusted and it feels really good.

Apart from working on and off, I did a bit of clearing of my freezer (a bit each time I go out to it seems to be doing the trick, not to mention re-acquainting me with what is inside!)  In the process I found four wee pots of sliced leeks, left over from Live Below The Line and not used.  I was going to chuck them away but decided to try a soup (yes, another soup), leek and potato.  Unfortunately the potatoes in the fridge were - er - over, so I used half a can of value spuds I had in the cupboard and the results were pretty good.  I've posted it in my other blog, link to the left in here.

Together with what I've found in the freezer, I have enough soups to see me through school lunches until well into November now.

That was about it really.  Not the most exciting of weekends but in five days it will be half term so I can chill then.


  1. I love having soup in the freezer. I always boil up marrow or chicken bones as a base and then feel more secure somehow knowing my soups are ready for me whenever I want them. And with the change in the weather, my soup craving is just growing.

  2. It's certainly that time of year, isn't it? I know what you mean about the secure feeling.
    J x