Wednesday 22 October 2014


It was a very blustery day yesterday with some very sharp but short-lived showers and some glorious sunshine.  A typical autumn day, in fact, and the leaves were swirling and whirling around as if they were being chased by somewhing terrifying.
No, not the children!

Mind you, thinking about it . . .

Consultation evenings are over and done now.  We are all so very weary but half term is now just three school days away.  I have plenty of knitting to get on with and, as I have some 10% off codes, I am eyeing Deramore's web site somewhat covetously!  

Today is Wednesday (just in case you hadn't realised).  Reading Revelry, Violins, Library . . . all lovely things that our children are so fortunate to experience.  I'm particularly proud of our music provision.  Not in a personal sense because it is nothing to do with me but just because our younger children are so lucky to have this opportunity to experience playing a musical instrument.  It won't suit everyone but how do you know if you don't try?  They all get the opportunity to try. 
How I am going to miss it all when I go.

 I'd have loved it when I was their age.  I have 'dabbled' in instruments all my life.  I tried viola at secondary, oboe (gorgeous instrument) at college, then did OK at treble and descant recorders and, of course, piano, as a main (and basic) instrument.  Perhaps I will be able to take up recorder again.  I'd like that.  I'm not thinking of more exams, just playing for the sheer pleasure of making music.

When in Morrison's yesterday evening I got another bag of  soup veg.  Not necessarily for soup this time although you never know!  Generally my soups tend to be smooth and silky (thank you, Thermione) but I am wondering about a more chunky, chicken-y, mini-casserole-y sort of production.  Just pondering right now but I do have some nice chicken  bits in the freezer, not to mention some chopped peppers, and so on.  I just need some inspiration really.

Ah well, coffee calleth and I need to respond.   Whoever you are, have a splendid day with loads of success and minimal failure.  


  1. We had music sessions organised locally with people like Yehudi Menuin and Britten's guide to the orchestra. Fortunately the music teacher belonged to the RSM, so travelling opera companies came to perform now and again. Jx