Wednesday 15 October 2014


Good morning!  I've been up for ages, working hard on resources for my observed lesson tomorrow.  I always vow that I won't make a special and artificial effort and each time I do!!  It's partly pride - you want to be at your best when being watched - and partly to do with evaluation of the school itself.

We saw the sun yesterday.  Yes, we did.  It came out at lunchtime and cheered everyone up no end.  Today doesn't look too bad either.  At least it is expected to stay dry until the evening.

And now it is bath time!


  1. You have my empathy I too hated being watched and well remember the first lecture I gave in a proper lecture theatre with microphones etc. That was pretty traumatic.

  2. Oh, goodness, that would finish me off!!!!

  3. I would feel the same way... Luckily software testers don't fall under that type of evaluation. From everything you write your enthusiasm, dedication & experience shine through though, so I have no doubt your observers will learn as much from you as you do when it's your turn!

  4. Thanks. I've been up since three but it will soon be over and I can flake out!!!
    J x