Sunday 26 October 2014


Good morning.  It's a dull, slightly damp morning but maybe it will clear up a bit later.  I haven't yet checked the forecast for the day so have no idea what may happen.

It was clocks back overnight, of course.  I woke early so it was extra early today, which is great because it gives more more time.  No, it doesn't really, of course, it just feels as if it does.  So the bread is proving and the many chopped tomatoes are slow roasting in the oven ready to be sieved into gorgeousness when they have thickened down.

After picking such a load of tomatoes last weekend, I left them and sure enough, most of the ripened.  A few bad patches appeared and they have been cut off and chucked, but it is amazing how many I had to roast.  There's still a few more to pick and sort and I am going to ask Alex to do that today when he comes over to do his hour.  Then I can deal with them this week.

I had a soup session yesterday as followers of my other blog will realise.  I had made some lentil and veg soup and decided to thicken it up a bit so I added some frozen mixed veg, a chopped up chicken breast and some orzo (rice shaped pasta) and gave it all a boil up and, my goodness, it made a most delicious tasting thick, chunky soup.  A full meal in its own right and most satisfying.  I shall do that again.  There's several portions frozen as well as what I had last night.

I also got stuck in to some knitting and managed to nearly finish a little garment.  Not going to say what, in case, but it is very cute!

Today is a Special Day.  Beth's birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!   Have a lovely day.

Must check if the bread is ready to bake.  Have a good day, everyone.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beth! :o) Hope you have a wonderful day. :o)
    Your soup sounds lovely, Joy and I can well imagine how tasty and satisfying it must have been.
    I love this extra hour in the morning - so useful! :o)
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I'll make some when you come! :-)
    J x

  3. Yes, please, Joy - that would be lovely. Can't wait. :o)
    Have a wonderful half-term with loads of rest and relaxation. Hope the weather will be kind to you all.

  4. I'll pass that on, Judith, thanks.
    Thanks, Sonja. This morning feels good.
    J x